Initiating Transactions with Pegs: A Guide for Businesses

Initiating transactions with Pegs is seamless and efficient, ensuring a smooth checkout experience for your customers.

This guide walks through the process of setting up transactions from both the business admin level and staff perspectives, ensuring clarity and ease of use for businesses utilizing Pegs.

Initiating Transactions as a Merchant:

  1. Access the Terminal: From your homepage on the Pegs app, locate the Terminal button beneath your wallet. Alternatively, you can access the Terminal via the 'Terminal' button located in the bottom right corner of any other screen in the app.
  1. Applying Discounts: Pegs allows businesses to set up local, visitor, and select item discounts. Once in the Terminal, select which discount you want to apply from the dropdown at the top of the screen (above the transaction value amount).
  1. Enter the Transaction Amount: Next, type in the total amount you wish to charge the customer for their purchase. When you click the 'Charge' button, the app will automatically apply the designated discount to the transaction.
  1. Present the QR Code: After confirming the transaction details, present the generated QR code to the customer for scanning.
  1. Transaction Completion: Once the customer scans the QR code and you see the green tick, the transaction is successfully completed.

Initiating Transactions as Staff or Employee:

  1. Activate Staff Mode: Access the Terminal and locate the padlock icon in the top right corner. Tap on the padlock to switch to staff mode.
  1. Enter Employee Pincode: In staff mode, employees can enter their unique employee pincode. This step ensures appropriate access levels and prevents admin-level actions. Each transaction will be attributed to whichever staff processed the transaction, determined by the pincode entered at the time of transaction.
  1. Transaction Process: Remember to enter the full amount of the purchase. The Pegs app will automatically apply any relevant discounts, simplifying the process for you.

By following these steps, businesses can efficiently initiate transactions using Pegs, providing a convenient and secure payment experience for both merchants and customers alike.

If you encounter any issues or have questions about initiating transactions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at

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