A new way to pay

Streamline your checkout process and equip staff with our seamless payment solution. Say goodbye to awkward conversations about local discounts, creating a positive experience for both businesses and customers.

Commerce and community, in one

Balancing financial responsibilities with community engagement can be challenging. Our platform optimises these tasks, empowering you to efficiently manage your business while still prioritising local connections.


In-store payments

Initiate seamless transactions with the built-in terminal. Customers simply scan the QR code from your device and proceed, ensuring a hassle-free experience for everyone.


Point-of-Sale (POS) integration

For businesses with higher transaction volumes, integrating your POS system with Pegs can optimize efficiency. Let us know your POS system and we'll manage the integration.


Send and receive with ease

Send and receive funds securely with confidence. To process a refund, simply type in the customer’s Pegs username and send back the owed amount with no additional fees.


Manage your account

Monitor your balance, link an account for withdrawals, and request payments as needed. Keep track of your daily receipts to stay on top of reconciliation.


Staff security measures

Gain peace of mind with staff access management. Lock the app to terminal mode for exclusive control over your admin account, including balances and account withdrawals.


Control your cash flow

Opt for daily or weekly cashouts, tailored to your preference or payroll schedule. The decision is yours, because an adaptable business contributes to a thriving economy.

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