Bring your business* online

*Or side hustle. Discover the flexibility of a 24/7 virtual shop front, catering directly to our app's local user base. Drive sales and strengthen community bonds with this dynamic business tool.

Your store, just for locals

Reach your community like never before. Utilize your customized online store to offer exclusive deals and tailored offerings, just the way you want.

The shop that never sleeps

Establish your online store within the app for uninterrupted accessibility and continuous local support. Say goodbye to physical limitations and waiting for monthly events.

You've got options

Diversity your product offerings by adding variants within each category. For example, offer different color options for clothing and adjust prices accordingly.

Fulfill local cravings

Unlock the full potential of your food business with our platform. Set up your menu, adjust prices, and start selling to reach a broader audience without compromise.

Manage your orders

Monitor your business's order flow with ease, seamlessly tracking current, pending, accepted, and completed orders from one place for smooth and convenient oversight.

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