Ways to pay with Pegs.

Gain access to exclusive discounts and experience the simplicity of local shopping. The app takes care of the discounts for you - just scan the business's QR code, tap to pay, and you're all set!

More dollars, more sense

Money can be complicated—that’s why we’ve made it simple. Oversee your spending in a way that feels just right for you, ensuring your experience is as unique as you are.


Pay in-store

To seamlessly pay at the venue or store, simply open the Pegs app and complete your purchase by scanning the QR code the business shows you.


Buy, Sell, Rent

Check out the local marketplace to buy, sell, or rent items, services, and even rooms. Keep funds local while contributing to your community's local economic growth.


Send and receive funds

Enjoy Pegs' instant and secure transactions—whether you're splitting a bill, paying a handyman, or treating a friend to coffee, community connection just got easier.


Manage your money

Monitor your balance, link cards, request payments or withdrawals, and view daily receipts to stay updated on savings and community contributions.

Deposit in a way that works for you


Manual Deposits

Link a card and deposit when you want to, giving you full control over your account balance.


Auto Deposits

Set a minimum balance and deposit amount; your balance is automatically maintained from your default card for a set-and-forget solution to keep your balance in check.


Quick Pay

Ensure you're never caught short on cash – make exact payments seamlessly from your default bank card, subject to a 2.2% charge.


Withdraw your money when you want

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