How to Pay Using Local Pegs

Paying for your purchases using Local Pegs is quick, convenient, and secure. Follow these simple steps to make a payment at any participating merchant:

1. Open the Local Pegs App:

Launch the Local Pegs app on your smartphone or mobile device. If you haven't already downloaded the app, you can find it on the App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play Store (for Android devices).

2. Initiate a Payment:

Once you're logged into the app, press the 'Pay Now' button located on the homescreen beneath your wallet. You can also find this by tapping on the 'Pay Now' icon located in the bottom right of the screen when on any other tab other than the homescreen.

3. Scan the Merchant's QR Code:

At the checkout counter, the merchant will present you with a QR code that contains the payment information. Scan the QR code displayed by the merchant. This will automatically populate the payment details into the Local Pegs app.

4. Confirm and Complete the Payment:

After scanning the QR code, the payment details will appear on your screen. Review the amount that will be paid to the merchant to ensure everything is correct. If everything looks good, tap on the 'Pay Now' button at the bottom of the screen to confirm the transaction.

Depending on your payment and donation settings, the value seen on your screen may differ slightly from the value shown on the merchant's screen. This is normal and not anything to be worried about. Donations are calculated as a percentage of the amount saved and will therefore be added on to your transaction amount. Quickpay transactions incur a 2.2% fee on the value deficit between your Pegs balance and the total transaction amount.

Local Pegs will securely process your payment in real-time. You'll see a confirmation screen with a green tick mark indicating that the payment was successful.

5. Leave a Tip (optional):

If you'd like to leave a tip for the merchant, you'll have the option to do so at this stage. Local Pegs allows you to select a tip amount or enter a custom tip.

Tap on the 'Send a Tip' button to confirm your desired tip amount. Once you've selected your tip amount, press the 'Send Tip' button.

You'll see a confirmation screen with a green tick mark indicating that the tip was successful.

6. View Your Receipt:

After completing the payment, you can find your receipt directly from the app.

Navigate to your Wallet then scroll down to the Activity section to access the receipt for the payment you just made.

This receipt will include details such as the transaction amount, merchant name, timestamp, discount received, along with other important details.

The donation and tip associated with the purchase will show as separate, individual transactions.

Congratulations! You've successfully made a payment using Local Pegs. Enjoy the convenience of cashless transactions and seamless payments at your favorite local businesses.

If you encounter any issues while making a payment or have any questions about the process, feel free to reach out to our support team at We're here to assist you every step of the way!

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